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Personalize your home screen

Stackable replaces the new tab screen with your bookmarks and tabs.

Drag and drop to organize everything however you want. Find what you need in one screen.

Just open a new tab.
531 tabs across 28 windows?!

Manage tabs perfectly

View all your open tabs together.
  • Rearrange tabs across windows
  • Find meeting tabs
  • Find audio playing tabs
  • Bookmark tabs/windows
  • Click to go to a tab
  • Close tabs/windows fast
Your personal assistant

Search everything anywhere

Launch the Command Bar on any website to search all your bookmarks, open tabs, and history.

Super keyboard friendly :)
⌘ / Ctrl
Things your browser should've had 10 years ago

So many more superpowers

Share your Stacks

Choose who to share with or create a public link to share with everyone.

Where's that sound coming from

Tabs playing audio are pinned at the top for instant access.

Open 100 bookmarks in 1-click

Get back to what you were doing in a flash.

Quickly add bookmarks

Rename the bookmark and save it to any Stack.

Color coded bookmarks

Find those important bookmarks even faster.

Real-time sync across devices

Access your bookmarks wherever you are.
"Hey Johnny, can you send me the link to that ?"

Get your team on the same page

Give them access to the most important files, docs, sheets, dashboards etc...
  • Assign editor/viewer roles
  • Share with specific people
  • Share with people without Stackable
Find out how Stackable can accelerate your team.
People saying nice things

They can't live without Stackable

Johnny Yang

APAC Head @ Foodpanda
By far my favorite chrome extension. This has been a complete game changer for me at work and has allowed me to massively declutter the way I organize my bookmarks. Highly recommmend everyone give it a try.

Debra Jane

Marketing Director
Can't live without this extension. It is such an integral part of my life now, alongside my calendar. If you're looking to organise your bookmarks & work as efficiently as possible, this is your solution.

Sabrina Quek

UX Researcher @ Workato
A simple yet powerful way of managing my tabs, with just the right degree of customization available to keep things organized the way I want it to. I love how it fits into my natural flow with the easy to learn UX.

Erica Lim

Founder at Works Fine Studios
I'm one of the most disorganized when it comes to browsers - think 100+ opened tabs, untraceable weird bg music, random bookmarks named "sheet 4" etc. Stackable has been the Marie Kondo I needed to save me from my browser mess! So easy to use with its intuitive UX, anyone would benefit from having this extension.

Geraldine Pang

Founder of Creative for More
I got my team on Stackable! It's been so helpful to organise links and we love it! I am a huge fan!

Tiffany Khor

Senior Marketing Manager
Love this extension! Helps me to organise and categories all the links I have flying around for work. It's so convenient, easy and simple to use and would highly recommend it to everyone! You will never lose a link with Stackable!!!

Zoe Brissett

Love the stackable extension! Super easy to use, simple to organise, and catalogue bookmarks by stacks. Now I'll never have to go hunting for a bookmark again!
Stacks are refreshingly clean, providing an easy and simple user experience. I can open bookmarked pages in an instant with just one single click!

Chamara M.

Fullstack Engineer
One of the best features of Stackable is its ability to group tabs together and assign them to a specific stack. Users can customize the stack with different icons and colors, making it easy to quickly identify the different stacks. Users can also move tabs between stacks, reorder them, and even save stacks for later use.

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