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The best way to manage your bookmarks and tabs. Stackable helps you find your content and files super fast.
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How your browser should've been designed

Stackable reimagines the way we organize bookmarks, manage tabs and search for things.
Personalized home screen
Open a new tab and you’ll be greeted with a drag and drop interface to organize your links. Get a visual overview of all your most important links, documents, decks and sheets.
Powerful tab management
View all your open tabs across all windows. Click to go to the tab. Rearrange tabs. Drag and drop tabs into Stackable to quickly save them as links for later.
Search for anything anywhere
Spotlight for your browser! Launch the command bar by pressing ⌘/Ctrl + Shift + K on any website. Quickly access your Stackable links or search across all your tabs/history. 
Get everyone on the same page
Share your Stackable spaces publicly or with your team. Everyone will be on the same page, being able to access the most important links at all times.
Real-time sync
Access your bookmarks across all your devices
Keyboard shortcuts
Power through your workflow without your mouse
Prioritized security
We don't collect any of your information
Free forever
Stackable will always be free for individual use